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Buchanan tells it straight

the world Bush Sr left when he was voted out was pretty sane, stable, and America stood alone in the world as the sole super power.


the BJ of a president, the Bush Jr. failure, the wreck that was the Obama presidency all brought us to where we are....that a low class con man such as POTUS Trump became the superior choice to the shift sandwich offered, and this Trump is far exceeding expectations, in spite of the daily obstacle course put out in front of him.


All for what? so that Christian seminaries could be changed into communist Lesbian strongholds, that private citizens would have to bake gay cakes, that a functioning health care delivery system could be blown up and chaos put is place, and that a world wide apology tour could commence as the power of America evaporated amidst misguided attempts to bring American values into a middle east mired in a culture not ready for anything of the sort.




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Re: Buchanan tells it straight

It`s hilarious and predicable how liberals hated HW Bush when he was in office and they are agnostic atheists every day of the week, but at Bush`s funeral, they became "Christian for a day" and experts on the Apostle`s Creed.  They are a special kind of crazy and not the good kind.


Trump is the only one that can slow this down, I don`t say "fix things" when half the country is so full of hatred they wouldn`t think twice about pushing someone on the subway tracks for wearing a MAGA hat, there`s no fixing, only slowing the growth of the cancer.

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Re: Buchanan tells it straight

Non of the progressives tuned in to honor Bush or pray for his soul, all they were looking for was something to criticize Trump for.

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Re: Buchanan tells it straight

Well yes but no.


41 didn't exactly put an end to the militarism the way it could have been done when the iron curtain fell.    Imagine how the world might be different if the USA had started a slow withdraw of its military from the world.   Some countries might be worse off, having to defend themselves, but I can't see how the USA would not be in a better position.  

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Re: Buchanan tells it straight

Surely Rush, Newt et al bear no responsibility.


In fact they and their followers are The Real Victims.

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Re: Buchanan tells it straight

They are the victims for sure. Now thanks to Trump they are howl at the moon crazy.