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bruce MN

Re: Buck stops at top

I think I heard Tucker Carson day that. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Buck stops at top

When that comes to pass I wonder about the future of “agriculture.”

Having become joined at the hip with the motley crew of flat earthers , QAnons, INCELS, end timers, gun fetishists and grifters might be a problem.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Buck stops at top

What do you mean exactly `what happens to agriculture when this is over because they`ve joined forces with firearms enthusiasts?`   Do you mean that agriculture needs a "money chain" to exist and they`ve pissed the Democrat party off?   And the US will have come to their "senses" and the Democrats will be the only party on the ticket? 

Short answer is, there will be more problems than only food production if the country is run by Democrat socialists.  The climate change, waters of the US, animal rights, carbon credit ect ect ect.  will triple food costs.

I guess for me what I`d call worst case scenario of "President AOC" she would have explained about the "cheap food policy" right before they show the new president the aliens at Area 51.  So I would guess the crony capitalism of cheap food "Big Ag Inc" will survive right along with the 1947 Roswell crash.  China is communist, yet Big Ag Inc survives over there too.  Automated farming might be efficient, perhaps more so than the legendary hard working East Germans who couldn`t even make communism work...robots might?