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Bucket 5

As El Incorrecto and the rest of the Le Resistancé continue to scream about MmmmPeach of a President that had not committed a known crime.... they wait in horror knowing that declassification will end their game of charades.

Bucket 5 tears will be ever so salty....😀

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Re: Bucket 5

Gh.....well I do not consider myself part of the
"Resistance"....the last time I checked, an American
Has the right to form their own opinion, and can

A rather interesting phrase....part of the resistance...
What am I resisting ??

Although it gives me a headache, gastric upset,
Joint pain, and general feeling of unwellness...

You too have a right to have an opinion...and
Can believe Trump is the best thing since apple

But for me, personally, the actions, the attitues
And a number of things, the irrational things
He says and is all about Trump...not
The country.
Rather, than fight and call names, and do things
That are suspect.....act like the president....act
Like a leader... If there is nothing wrong, welcome
Them to look at everything....want to look at my
Taxes...fine, here they are, I'm not proud how much
I lost...currently, yes rules broken....people
In contempt of Congress...rather than act like
A child and say I'm not going to do anything
Untill you stop investigating me....we have many
Things to do !!
Now...he says his former secy of state....was as
Dumb as a rock...but Trump said himself, he
Hires nothing but the best people what
Happened ? Did he make a mistake.

I'm just getting tired of having a spoiled brat
Go on and on. ...I want a president I can trust...
I don't trust this one....sorry
Senior Contributor

Re: Bucket 5

So again, you have no grounds for the continued waste of oxygen, but you continue anyway.

And please post your taxes. When I find an not dotted or t crossed, I can get a cut of any money recovered by the IRS.