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Re: Building numbers.

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sorry Gough I am not a Republican.  Would like to be because I am conservative in most things.  But I have a heart and soul and cannot tolerate the intolerance and hate that so many Republicans spew.

Basically what I am is totally put out with the American government right now.  We have few if any in Washington that are there for the good of the country.  Politics and big money rule and it is making America a country to be ashamed of.

I am a fan of Jon Stewart.  I think he really does a good job of pointing out the arrogance, chicanery, duplicity and so forth going on in Washington.

A few days ago they had a bit on gun control and they were talking to Jim Manley a former aid to Harry Reid.  They asked him what political success in Washington is and without hesitation he said "getting reelected".  Second was getting any work done.

Sad Sad commentary on our government.

It is totally disgusting how people (media mainly because most people  don't think for themselves) take almost anything anyone says and twist it around to mean the exact opposite of what was really said.

This country will go no where if the fighting and spin and politicking doesn't stop and answers sought instead.  I fear common sense has died in this country.

If we do not enact and enforce some stronger gun control it will not be safe to go anywhere in this country.

Unfortunately the abortion issue will not die.  My position is that it is a personal decision between you and your God or conscience.  And for those that chose it, it needs to be safe. 

People (and remember corporations are now people) need to realize they need to support the government and that means paying taxes.  There are many things that the government does for us that we cannot do for ourselves.   Our infrastructure needs attention and that can only be accomplished in a meaningful way by the government doing it for the good of everybody.

If you have enough you should rejoice in that fact instead of hating those that do not have enough.  Yes some don't have enough and it is their own fault, yes it is too easy for many to let the government take care of them and they should be ashamed of that.   There are also many that take from the government when they don't need it.  But today there are many that have worked hard and because of government and business policies of the past several years, cannot live more than hand to mouth.  We as Americans should be concerned with changing that instead of labeling them stupid and lazy.

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