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Re: Bump stock slippery slope

Hey Knapper, the truth of it is, those scary co-called assault weapons aren`t the guns used in crimes.  The problem in crimes is handguns, those "Saturday night specials" you used to hear about.  Gun violence has went down, just a rough figure 30,000 gun deaths in US annually about 20,000 suicides and about 10,000 murders with guns and that has stayed stabile or went down, even with "more guns".   It isn`t a cheap AK-47 that`s commonly used in knocking off a liquor store and the owner getting murdered, it`s mostly a cheap handgun.   And it`s the drug problem in this country that`s fueling this crime and violence, both prescription and illegal drugs. 


I don`t care if they make bump stocks illegal, like I said I`ve only known of their existence for about one week now.   However, there will be another shooting and the liberals will be after something else that will not stop the mass shooting after that and it will go on and on.


Pelosi: Hell Yes, I Hope There's a 'Slippery Slope' Towards More Gun Control

Guy Benson
Posted: Oct 06, 2017 10:45 AM
Pelosi: Hell Yes, I Hope There's a 'Slippery Slope' Towards More Gun Control

In which Nancy Pelosi undermines the best shot at a reasonable, bipartisan bill that would implement the first new gun regulation in quite some time, including the failed Toomey-Manchin effort.  With numerous Republicans talking up their openness to banning 'bump stock' mechanisms, including an initial green light from the Trump White House, the gun control lobby seems poised to tally a win.  Even the NRA is tentatively onboard, although it's unclear whether they'd favor an act of Congress, or merely executive regulations in furtherance of this policy.  The most prevalent arguments against a bump stock ban that I've encountered from big gun rights people on social media go something like this (via Stephen Gutowski):