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Senior Advisor

Bundy posse

heading to Portland to stop the health department seizing back yard chickens.

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Re: Bundy posse

(Bundy posse heading to Portland to stop the health department seizing back yard chickens.)

OK, no idea on your dopey rant there NQX, so I'll wing it:

Great, now old senile joe will have to team up with ted wimpy wheeler and give bundy a list of 16 areas that bundy cannot go after.  The portland health department seizing backyard chickens is #1 on the list because portland has no other real problems to deal with. 

bruce MN

Re: Bundy posse

Just saw that Ahmand is running for Governor.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Bundy posse

Edmund, reminds me of that saying that I stole from "the other site".....if a man has enough to eat, he has many...many concerns.

If a man is starving, he has just one concern.

bruce MN

Let’s get this right….

…the City of Portland is beginning to do what you goofballs have been saying forever should be done and therefore you need to develop a different tact?

I have supreme faith that it will be fed to you, will be absurd, will gain immediate and solid traction. The notion that “they” aren’t really doing what they say they are doing and that somebody’s concerns aren’t being met…so there!!

Should give you and the big cult good practice for how to respond when universal voting ID requirements officially become part of Democrat’s voting legislation proposals,

HINT: Don’t blink.