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Bungling ice loss . . . AGAIN



"However, measurements suggest this rate is at least 10 times faster than in reality, added J. Graham Cogley, Professor of Geography at Trent University, Ontario, Canada.

"It could easily be 20 times too fast and might well be 50 times too fast," he added.

Last year, a U.N. committee of climate scientists came under fire for bungling a forecast of when Himalayan glaciers would thaw."


This continued lying on the part of those who promote the concept of global warming/climate change should make even the densest person start to question the concept and ask why are they doing this?

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Re: Bungling ice loss . . . AGAIN

Actually this article brings into question more than it states.  How many of the pronouncements about temperature are false?

  I recently read an article in which global warming was a suspected cause of earth quakes.  Perhaps the current economic disaster was caused by global warming?