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bruce MN

But then we’re probably better off..

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Re: But then we’re probably better off..

What do a bunch of So Called Scientists know that everybody at the coffee shop doesn't already?


Princess Salome'

and assorted Sadducees and Pharisees party down at the new Jerusalem embassy while the circumcised Shutzstaffel gun down a thousand or so Palestinians at the border. 


Not sure exactly why (well, yes I am) a preacher was required but there was an assortment of Christian Zio snakehandlers on hand to bless the event and Bibi sent a dogwhistle out to his US goyim slaves with a bullhorn.


Seems to me a dangerous path, given that the most hardcore of Trump's base is Nazi enough to throw the Jews in among the undesirables (just sentimental, I guess) but they appear pretty confident that the ADL can deal with whatever flares up.


Couldn't make this stuff up.


Natalie Portman

getting hammered for refusing to attend an awards ceremony in Israel but she does represent the growing distaste for the current Israeli regime among younger American Jews.


That's why Bibi has had to turn to the Good People for his support.