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Veteran Advisor

By The Way...

I got out of the stock market at 26180 on November 7th. It broke through 22,000 earlier today.

Still think I got out too soon? I have saved now over $100,000 from simply evaporating from my account! BOOM!!!!

And it’s still not time to get back in.

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Re: By The Way...

Be careful. Munchkin is rounding up the plunge protection team.

These “conservative” Republicans might be fixing to distort free markets and blaspheme the sanctity of capitalism.
Veteran Advisor

Re: By The Way...

Yeah - I see it. Don’t think it will work, and I don’t really think the Munchkin man is smart enough to stop this pull back - he will probably make it much worse, and blame Hillary of course.

Promises Made ..... Promises Broken

Tick Tock.....BONGx11!!!!!!!!!!

Senior Contributor

My durn stocking

got so heavy it pulled the mantle down.