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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

By week`s end or next week

Rumors will spread that president Trump has Covid, the "Bombshell!" posts on here from the usual haters ...all this is expected and predictable.  Our society has devolved so much since H1N1 and 9/11 where politics could be set aside during a emergency and we could be "Americans" for one moment in time, that is the past.  I believe it was Reagan that said something to the effect that "if a threat from outerspace occurred that not only would Republicans & Democrats could together, but the rest of the world as well"  perhaps in the 1980s, maybe in the 1990s but not in today`s climate.  A pro abortionist would rather be zapped by a ET`s lazer than join forces with a prolifer.  

I see President Trump shaking hands with many, even one bigwig that is now self quarantined.  Here`s a problem as I see...and this goes for the Democrats Bernie & Biden as well.  Let`s say one of the 3 currently vying for the White House does catch Covid 19 and inadvertently spreads it to a rally attendee from a handshake and God forbid that person dies.  Well?  What happens? The other side will accuse them of "Homicide!".    

I would say the risk of rallies is just too great, not necessarily to the candidate, but to those attending.   And you "just know" that if trump holds a rally and one person comes back a day later claiming to`ve come down with Covid 19, the media will have a field day.  And I don`t care if the sick attendee had snot running out his nose and everything else before the rally, it would be the President taking the full blame.