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Veteran Advisor

Byond words

I have run out of words on all the recent insanity.
I now read that the president, wants to use emergency
Powers to build his wall.....he plans over 7 billion...
That's even MORE money than he stated...and he
Wants to do this while the government is shut
Down....our local bank voted to give zero interest
Loans to area government workers, so they
Can live and pay their bills.

I dont the emergency is at the South border, but
Rather Washington.

Some may have noticed I have not been posting.
I have consulted an attorney about the "stuff"
Here. He had a staff member look at some
Issues. I got a call today, that I was informed
As to why this site does things, and primary
Reasons why...I will not go into, but the evidence
Emailed to me makes sense.