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Senior Contributor

Re: CDC says avoid travel to Canada, Ontario locks down Thursday for 4 weeks.

(Closed for vehicles except trucking but some planes are still flying people back and forth.          Probably not going to open for vehicles in the near future.          Latest surge in cases is building up now with more shutdowns in some provinces like Ontario.          Vaccinations are rolling out but still too many susceptible in younger age groups so surging in those groups.)

Kudos to canada - of course our dear leader idiot joe and his hypocrat cult would call you racist and discriminatory.

Here, we have open borders since 1/20/2021 based on an invite from senile joe, and they are rushing in at a record pace and that's just those that are being counted, it used to be called a super spreader event by these hypocrats but of course that's why they are hypocrites.  Our Country will allow MS-13, human smugglers, drugs, covid, heck you can just throw your toddler over a wall, kids in cages, you name it and our dear leader is allowing it.

Heck, there was probably even a plan to place portable stairs in different locations along the Southern border - but stairs has kinda become a sore subject with stumbling joe so that got nixed.

Kind of embarrassing when canada gets it right and our idiot leader and his BQ cult are completely and totaling failing.