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CNN Contributor is key House witness

The 116th investigative congress called convicted felon and current anti-Trump CNN contributor John Dean to testify as a key witness in their investigation of Mueller's investigation in pursuit of their continued quest to undo the 2016 election and try to gain traction for an impeachment inquiry.  There was no mention of protecting the 2020 election from foreign interference.

This isn't the first time that Dean tried to parlay his Nixon fame into enriching himself, he also wrote a book called "Worse then Watergate" about Bush & Cheney; and of course his CNN gig.  Few besides CNN & the 116th Democrat House take Dean seriously anymore; Dean was however the butt of some pretty good jokes during his testimony.

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Re: CNN Contributor is key House witness

Modern day McCarthy hearings. No time for budget or health care hearings. Most do nothing congress in history.