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CNN cans lying cuomo brother

Chris Cuomo Is Out (

has there ever been a more joke media source than CNN?

any wonder why most of the country no longer trusts any of the lame stream media outlets?

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Re: CNN cans lying cuomo brother


CNN’s firing of Chris Cuomo for lying about his brother was something akin to firing a 0-16 NFL coach for speeding.

Cuomo’s TV ratings have been in the toilet for the past year. How he managed to hang on this long only makes you question CNN’s core business model. Doesn’t money matter with anyone in the MSM anymore?


Memo to Don Lemon & Anderson Cooper: Boys, don’t bother sending out your laundry.

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Re: CNN cans lying cuomo brother

And yet they brought back Jeffrey Toobin..... 


This dumpster fire is going to have to just burn itself out.