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CPAC, what it really is ......

DeSantis, "Our oasis of freedom." or "here we get to repeat our lies and express our bigotry out loud and nobody can stop us".  I was listening to CPAC attendees being interviewed about why they go to CPAC, which pretty much came down to "we love trump" and "we can say what we want and nobody can hear us."

  Right there you have it, folks,  CPAP people know what they're saying is indefensible in the broader society and still, they feel compelled to say it somewhere so they create their own safe place.

  Meanwhile, Cruz repeats all trump's false election lies, knowing full well they're not true but knowing that that's what the CPAC crowd wants.

Talk about absurd.

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Re: CPAC, what it really is ......

"Gone from resembling a Star Wars cantina to more like a Munich beer hall."

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Re: CPAC, what it really is ......

Democrats should have them rounded up and put in a camp somewhere.

Re: CPAC, what it really is ......

God no!

They should have one of these every week. Or just find some mediums where they can stay in session perpetually.


They’ve been holding these for years

Only not all that many people knew about them, paid any attention, got that much widespread publicity.

As with  so many things, David Dennison has changed all of that.

This former GOP Congressman from Red Oklahoma chaired the event, back when God himself was the titular head of the movement:

What you wouldn’t give to be there....


Just think if you were. You’d be the Tampa Bay of bat ***** wingers. 2 “HUGE” experiences for you in the same season. Like winning the Super Bowl and The Stanley Cup.

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CNN over the years

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Re: "Round them up ..."

"Round them up, put them in a camp"?  Don't really have to, they do it all by themselves".

  “The people at CPAC are living in an alternate reality in which facts don’t matter, the Constitution doesn’t matter. They have no principles except whatever their leader says.”  Mickey Edwards, ex-CPAC chair, who left the GOP after the Capitol riot,   "the Party is now a cult."


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Re: "Round them up ..."

Simply part of the Lincoln project America last crowd.

Ironically...thc project..right on time