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Cabuck and Gough


Think you guys might be getting played?


Sorry if you're offended but here, stateside, if one was to put in the effort to sift through the daily propaganda he wouldn't get anything else done.

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Cabuck and Gough

It is quite understandable really. John Howard was your equivalent of a republican. Enough said really.
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Re: Cabuck and Gough

In 2003 Harper was in the opposition.

He did not become PM until 2006 or 7.


He may have been leader of the CRAP party in 2003.

That was the Conservative Reform Alliance Party, thye chose the name but finally agreed with the Progressive Conservative party to merge and become the Conservative Party.


So Harper was all in favour of going to war in Iraq in 2003 but the Liberal party that was in power resisted and kept us out of the illegal war.


Finally Harper got to go to war in Iraq a short time ago by sending 6 fighter jets to beat back ISIS.


Probably the 2 conservative leaders got fed a speach from the Republican party.