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Calculating skip row planted acreage.

4x1 and 8x1 40 inch rows. Trying to figure out actual acreage in production with each skip row set up, to determine seed rate input costs etc... Somebody please give me the how to. Ive googled it a dozen different ways, plenty of helpful comparison studies but no actual acreage calculations. Thanks

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Re: Calculating skip row planted acreage.

  You should post your questions in "crop talk".  Ag forum is for arguing politics and hate talk.  Good luck, hope you get some good advice.


Re: Calculating skip row planted acreage.

Hate to say it, but im propbably not going to come back to this forum for help with anything actually dealing with the agriculture production. You are correct about the politics as they are on the crop talk as well, cannot get any useful information from anyone only opinions. lol morre like a forum for libs who hide there agenda in some small bill having to do with agricultural spending in Iowa. SAD

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Re: Calculating skip row planted acreage.



Post in crop production. You will get your answer there.


I'm not sure what you are looking for. Acres are still acres no matter if you plant skip row or not. The only variable is going to be seed spacing. Fertilizer and chemicals will still be the same, unless you are banding. I know it won't make any difference in cash rent.

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Re: Calculating skip row planted acreage.

The acreage will be the same. 43560 square feet per acre. The only difference will be the number of rows and the number of seeds per row.


I assume that who ever is advising you has a recommendation of a specific seed population per acre for each method.  That may be determined by where you are located, soil types and  annual rain fall.


If you plant 34000 corn seeds per acre it will not matter which row width you plant them in.