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California fascism

The government co-opting private business to accomplish its own goals.  (see Obamacare).


California has become the first state to require publicly traded companies to include women on their boards of directors, one of several laws boosting or protecting women that Gov. Jerry Brown signed Sunday.

The measure requires at least one female director on the board of each California-based public corporation by the end of next year. Companies would need up to three female directors by the end of 2021, depending on the number of board seats.


The ownership of a company elects a board based on the criteria it sees fit.  If government injects its own criteria is it not taking an ownership role?  What is different about corporate ownership and the ownership of any other business property?

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Re: California fascism

Now Bruce Jenner can get a job. HEE HEE HEE. After all he is the woman of the year.