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Call the swat team

Saw on news this morning that was upsetting.

In flordia all be it 2 years ago...

An 8 year old kid, with developmental/emotional

Issues, is arrested, tried to be

Cuffed, but cuffs to small, and

Was told by officer how embarising it was for him

Putting blame on kid, and then

Was charged with a felon offence !

For hitting a teacher.

While that was uncalled for....

Doing this to an 8 year old is



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Senior Advisor

Re: Call the swat team

Cuffs too small for an 8 year old kid???


Been telling you this for years, public schools are out of control. Why were the parents not called? Who's idea is it to call the cops on an 8 year old kid? Can't the principle handle anything? Should have told him to bend over and grab his ankles and then let his back side meet the board of education.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Call the swat team

What about the meza club member

Cops that tried it, then telling the

Child how this was making the

205 pound cop fell bad and it

Was the kids fult

Funny they didnt taze the kid

And then the county attnory

Charging the kid with a feloney !!!


You cant trust those 7 year olds !

They might have a concealed

Spit wad.


Senior Contributor

Re: Call the swat team

(You cant trust those 7 year olds!  They might have a concealed Spit wad.)

Smiley LOL

Senior Advisor

Re: Call the swat team

Why is the world would any teacher or principle call the cops on a 7 year old kid?