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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Calls for Obama Resignation

hey, maybe it is tongue in cheek, but we can still dream about it..


So a partisan view is that Hillary did indeed answer every question put to her and wasn't evasive? you could have fooled me.


And Bruce, if you are reading this, you might look in the 1997 archives of the New Yorker to find the truth about JFK's famous speech and the justice that is credited with first coming up with that type of wording about doing for a country instead of having a country do it for you...just shows the limits of google sometime...whether it is researching quotes or finding out historical data about Ho Chi Minh.

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bruce MN

Re: Calls for Obama Resignation

Are you a regular Borowitz reader?  Had a family freind who sent us the Borowitz colun every day until she got sick and passed away.


I'd not have taken you for one.


So old Ho said what Sorenson ultimately paraphrased then?  The world needs to know that, even though I doubt that anymore 5% of the American public is familiar with Kennedy having said what he did.


The schollmaster thing actually makes the most sense.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Calls for Obama Resignation

No, it wasn't uncle Ho....It actually was supreme court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes, I think around the turn of the century but I could be wrong on the time frame. The New Yorker did an article about plagiarism and that is where I found the research on JFK's "quote". Personally, I sincerely doubt that JFK wrote anything that is attributed to him, but then again I have never been a Kennedy acolyte and found the whole clan to be loathsome. Not saying that the boys deserved to have their brains blown out although I would have to think about whether that would have been fitting for the patriarch Joe and for Ted.


I read the New Yorker for over a decade, cover to cover, to improve my vocabulary and to try to understand where liberals were coming from and then got bored with it and dropped the subscription. I wasn't coming up with any new words.

Senior Advisor

So is it plagairism if you use JFK's quote?Or how about quoting scripture with

 Or how about quoting scripture without crediting the author?