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Can I sue?

After midnite i got up to -You guys know - anyway turned the tube on and some guy on NBC said "the only reason it's this close is because of uneducated white rural voters"


That sob called me rural and i demand an apology!




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Re: Can I sue?

Just another typical libtard.............They want us to go away. The only ones going away are the celebs moving to Canada...............

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Re: Can I sue?

You'll notice they didn't say any comparable things about the 90% of black voters who voted for Mr. Obama. 

It's just more hatred on the part of people who are indoctrinated in a public propaganda institution.  Public schools should be closed until or unless they start being impartial and accurate places of education rather than government propaganda forums.


The social engineering and false science push shoud be stopped. 

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Close schools?

Which schools should be closed?  All of them?

And who decides what is propaganda? And by false science I hope you mean creation science. 


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Re: Close schools?

The science that says Bruce Jenner is a girl.