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man of steel
Senior Contributor

Don't know why you bother

There are a some here that ain't wirth replying to, and then there are those that I'd have a hard time peeing on if they were on fire

Senior Contributor

Re: Don't know why you bother

Don't flatter yourself, your no Einstein, yourself.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Can't reload a shotgun fast?

New one on me and I have shooting shotguns for over 55 years.  Course, I never had a need to load one very fast.  Very seldom had so many quail getting up that I could get more than 3 shots off anyway and most of the time I was using a side by side so for sure couldn't reload and get more shots off on a covey.

Taylor ECIL
Senior Contributor

Re: Can't reload a shotgun fast?

I had a couple of speed loaders because it looked, I don't know, "fun". But after having them a few years and only using them maybe 5 times I decided to sell them to a friend that thought they were more fun than I did.

Knapper I do own an AR 15, I carried one for 9 years in the military, serving for the protection of the constitution , which gives me the right to own one.