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Senior Advisor

Canada Q2 GDP up 3.7%

vs. (the first of several, probably) downward revisions for the US at 2.0.

Canada/China trade up and China has reduced tariffs for non-US goods while raising them on the US. 

That, along with the fact that realizing The American Dream is now more likely for Canadians than Americans, deserves a sharp response. Having a cheap and effective universal health care system is an unfair trade practice.

BTW, I'd be surprised if some US goods aren't leaking through Canada, in sort of a reverse prohibition way.

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The “leaking” thing

It would be insane to imagine that is not happening.  Always has in international trade, but now it would suddenly be noted to be scandalous.  An international incident, maybe?

Was just trying to picture the Dennison Admin going to the WTO, or Mitch’s Senate Committees or our (recently discredited and beleaguered) intelligence agencies and charging that Canada was bypassing our decreed by Executive tariff requirements. Particularly when reported upon and the 39 or so % has been ordered to not watch the news.



Senior Advisor

Re: Canada Q2 GDP up 3.7%

Although transshipped good s would still show up in our GDP and not in Canada's.