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Canada's arming of saudi arabia

and other terrorist nations. Hey Canuck, I thought you guys knew how to mind your own business and it was just the evil empire of the US that killed civilians.



With the Saudi deal, Canada has now become the second largest vendor of arms to the Middle East, behind only the US. It is also the sixth largest arms trader in the world, according to IHS Jane’s, the world’s leading publisher with respect to military spending.

These are rather incredible figures given the relatively small size of Canada’s overall economy.

In addition, the estimates do not include Canada’s exports to the US since military equipment sold to companies south of the border do not require authorization through export permits. Project Ploughshares, an NGO which monitors Canada’s arms trade, suggests that military hardware and software sold to the US are worth more than double the exports to all other states combined.

In many cases, these components are then assembled into larger weapons systems which are subsequently exported out of the US. Consequently, while Canada might not sell directly to, for instance, Pakistan, parts found in weapons in Pakistan are made by Canadian companies.

Which means of course that our overall involvement in the international arms industry is much greater.


It is rather amusing—in a dark, revulsive sort of way—that Canada is a world leader in peddling the machinery of death, given our national mythology as a peace-keeping, kind, loving nation.

Our Prime Minister’s sunny ways apparently don’t include innocent civilians, including no small number of children.

But that is the point. We should be very clear on this. Weapons—or parts of them—made in and sold out of Canada kill innocent people around the world.

Specifically with respect to the Saudi context, as of the previous summer, the UN states that almost 4,000 civilians have been killed by the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen. This includes the injury and death of over 1000 children. According to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, children and other non-combatants were killed in deliberate attacks on schools and hospitals.

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Re: Canada's arming of saudi arabia

You should go back and get all the story.

the deal was made under the Conservative government led by Harper.

Now the Liberals are in power the Conservatives want them to cancel it.


There is the problem of honouring international deals.

What kind of reputation comes from cancelling deals with every change of government?


Senior Advisor

Re: Canada's arming of saudi arabia

So Trudeau thinks it's honorable to honor a treaty that sends Canadian armes into the hands of terrorist used to kill innocent children and civilians?