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Canadian Farm News

Reading latest issues of Farmers Forum link  and Farmtario  link

and I see US farmers have received $7.7 Billion subsidies because of the tariffs with China

Also noted was in January Canada shipped more soys to China than the US

1.23 Million tonnes compared to 136,000 tonnes from there US

That made Canada the number 2 supplier behind Brazil


Also mentioned was the call by the US agriculture secretary to end the tariffs on steel and aluminum as it is raising the cost of ag equipment to US farmers at a time when their income is down because of tariffs.


Also noted that there will be no subsidy in 2019 for those tariffs losses.


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Re: Canadian Farm News

Tariff wars can be harmful because each side can target the adversaries weakness.  China wants to steal technology and can target farmers to gouge the administration when it retaliates.


Of course, one way to resolve a tariff war is simply cave in.  


One might say we've already sold the steel and auto workers down the river so there's no sense in selling the farmers with them.  


But, of course, it's not the smoke-stack industries, it's the electronics and the national defense aspects of losing control of where your data goes and how it's used.


Canadians are wise to exploit their advantage.


I hope there are no 2019 subsidies, personally.  


We have to keep in mind, too, the fundamental fact that the soybean market was going to be under pressure anyway.  It is in the Chinese interest to have multiple suppliers.  If they can get the U.S. to blame Trump for the Chinese embargo on soybeans, so much the better but it's pure gravy.  The Chinese would have been beating up U.S. soybean prices anyway, tariff or no tariff.


The bottom line for all soybean producers worldwide is it's like we're all mud wrestling now.