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Canadian Healthcare II

I wanted to learn more about Canadian health care, so I did a little searching and found the link below. There have been lots and lots of antithetical about Canada's Medicare system. Most all of them are about as accurate as throwing darts with a blindfold in the general direction of the target. While there are some positive aspects to Canadian healthcare, there are also negative aspects. I believe the attached article is fairly accurate. A good deal of the framework seems to correspond with ours, except that in their Medicare, it applies to everyone, but unfortunately, apparently, unevenly. Geography is a huge limitation. In the large cities within provinces, it seems access to healthcare is fairly well done, with limitations. However an Inuit is less likely to have good healthcare access compared to someone in Quebec. Access to a family doctor is an issue. A substantial number of Canadians do not have a family doctor, but I would suspect the US is in the same boat, but whether or not we have the same type of walk in clinics, I don't know.

So, if you want to criticize Canadian healthcare from an informed point of view, I suggest that you scroll about halfway through the link and start reading at "Limitations to Healthcare." The main problem seems that their basic philosophy is that their Medicare is for "necessary medical attention," which is not defined, therefor quite variable from Provence to Provence. Also, dental is not covered as well as psychological care and home care. Many cannot afford to pay their own way for those things. I was also struck by the statement that a dog can get a hip replacement in one week, but a human must wait two to three years. There is also great dissatisfaction in wait times.

I think the US should look into Medicare for all, provided we can learn from the pitfalls of Canada and other nations with socialized medicine. However, I have little faith that the US will be able to bring about good legislation or change it when it comes about to avoid the pitfalls. Perhaps we will find a way. Trump failed. The Congress failed, so what's next? One thing is for sure, what we have can be greatly improved to help those in need of health care.


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Re: Canadian Healthcare II

I have not read your link yet but will comment first on some of the items you mentioned in your post.

I believe you will find negative aspects to all systems but what matters is if the good parts outweigh the bad and if there is an effort to fix or improve the poor areas.

You have to understand that health care is a provincial responsibility not federal however the feds do have better ability to collect taxes and they give the Provinces considerable $ to help them cover the costs of care. That comes with the requirement that every province has to provide health care to any Canadian citizen who moves to their province so health care is 'mobile' for any Canadian anywhere in Canada 

Canadians living in the North (Inuit plus anyone else that lives there) are at a disadvantage because of numbers. It is just not possible to have top level care in small communities and even more of a problem when so many of those communities are cut off from the rest by distance and means of travel except flying in and out. So when intensive care is required those in these communities have to be flown out or medi evacuated by plane. As far as I know that also is free just as an ambulance here is free or maybe a small fee.

Joint replacements can require a wait but everyone gets one for no cost and it is usually not life threatening and as an Uncle of mine told me after he had 2 hips replaced and a neighbour was hoboling around complaining about his new hip 'that he did not wait long enough to appreciate what he had'

I also know of a neighbour who needed an new knee and the wait at the nearest Hospital 45kms away was 8 months but she was able to go to another hospital 60 kms away and get one in a few weeks

BTW look at the per person cost of care in Canada compare to the US and check out this poll (or any other) about Canadian support for our heath care system.

A new poll conducted by Nanos Research revealed the soaring Canada-wide support, up nearly 10-percent from a similar poll conducted a little over a year ago. Support has risen to a record 94-percent, from a strong showing in August 2010 of 86-percent, underlining that more than nine in ten Canadians support public solutions to making public healthcare stronger.”

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Re: Canadian Healthcare II

Thank you for the feedback. I have to admit that I looked at the problems more than I considered what works and the vast majority of people that have their needs tended. I should have read the whole article. One things is for sure - health care in the states is far too expensive and there are people that will never be able to have access. I was certainly for Bernie Sanders "Medicare for all." I will revisit the link I provided and read the middle parts that I skipped, plus read what you linked to. We really need to make health care a right rather than a luxury. I would be happy to pay as much in taxes as I pay for my policy, co-pays and co-insurance, which would be a substantial amount. Our problem in a nutshell is that the medical industrial complex has the politicians bought and paid for .Trump found that out after promising great improvements, which I think he never even tried after he found out how much they contribute to campaigns. Congress never did squat but try and get rid of the AHA for the same reasons, and eliminating the AHA would have been a boon for the health care industry. Again, I look forward to learning more and approaching the subject from an informed basis.

Re: Canadian Healthcare II

Guys, Canadian Healthcare system is so much better than American!