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Canadian agriculture schools

I was talking with a friend and we were discussing the top schools as far as agriculture programs go in canada, curious as to where the bigger ones would kind of get ranked
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Re: Canadian agriculture schools

Moo U in ames Iowa. Not in canada but highly regarded anyway.

bruce MN

Re: Canadian agriculture schools

Way back in the day the Animal Science Dept at The University of Guelph in Ontario was the creme de la creme in the world. I have no idea if it is even in existence today. More useful stuff on animal production and reproductiob came out of there than the sum totsl of U,S. Land Grant Universiyies combined. But that was back when ag colleges existed for the purpose of advancing the lot of the remote farmer. Now they work with predators to eliminate them. As a practical means to keep themselves up and running.
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Re: Canadian agriculture schools

I really do not have any knowledge that would let me rank them but maybe it would make a difference in what area of ag that you wanted to study as like all things these days there are different specialties in different schools.


Type of crops interested in would determine which school would be better as Guelph in Ontario would be more inclined toward corn and beans while Prairie schools more toward wheat.


Only 2 schools in Canada for animal science/vet I think.


In Ontario now there is really only 1 school system in Ag centred around Guelph university but 3 campuses.

Ag diplomas used to be more hands on (and more info in my opinion) in campuses outside Guelph but they were independant then so not sure how curriculm is changes between the different locations now.


Hard question to answer but there is one other thing that does not change, a good student will probably do well from any of them a poor student........well you decide.


Re: Canadian agriculture schools

I earned my degree in Organic Agriculture at the University of Guelph. My dad had Canadian origins, so I had to difficulties with my student visa at all.  These 5 are considered the most easy to enter for an international student from the USA:


Trent University
Fleming College
McGill University
Dalhousie University
St. Lawrence College (online)


Application process for international students via

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Re: Canadian agriculture schools

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