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Canadian conservative

political leaders generally complain about the slow progress on vaccinations.

And many publicly get vaccines to encourage their followers to do so.

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Re: Canadian conservative

Ontario, with a Conservative government, announced last week that 65% had been vaccinated, probably closing in on 70% now as there are still waiting lists for appointments to get the vaccine and people complaining because they can not get enough vaccine doses to meet demand.

the opposing forces to control the virus seems to be the right wing religionists.

Not all as I was picking stones near a house the other day and their 8-10 year old kids came out to visit and 'help' me for a while and although they are religionists who wear uniforms like the linked church they were telling me their parents had an appointment to get their vaccine this week. this after asking me if I had my vaccine .

Those kids were wearing masks last summer, but not when they visited with me in the field the other day.