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Canadian cops racist haters?




A Canadian Black Lives Matter chapter demanded a police float be removed from the Vancouver Pride Parade in an open letter Friday to police and march organizers.

Black Lives Matter Vancouver wrote that the Vancouver Police Department should agree to a “voluntary withdrawal” from the July 31 LGBT pride event “as a symbolic gesture and actual sign of support for Indigenous, PoC and Black communities.”

“Having the Vancouver Police Department on the ground to perform a civil service is understandable,” the letter said. “Having the institution participate on a float in the organized festivities of the actual parade is inappropriate and insulting to those who came before us to make Pride celebrations possible, some of who even died for the cause.”

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Re: Canadian cops racist haters?

Pretty straightforward really.  This is not an all-inclusive event.  This is a parade for us, not you.  Do your damn job and protect the participants and secure the parade route, but your presence in our parade is not wanted.  It is just a reflection of what societies have become, segregated.  Well re-segregated.  Amazing how far we think we have came, but in reality have regressed.