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Senior Contributor

Canadian politics

Just a heads up that there is lots of interesting things happening in Ottawa these days.


Some bad things have been occuring and a lot of 'mud' is being spread around which is piling up in front of our Prime Minister Stephen Harpers door.


So far he has done his best to leave the door closed hoping none hits him but looks like he can not go out in the public without getting his boots dirty and it is getting high enough it will likely even get into his boots.


Senator Mike Duffy who was appointed by Harper had his say yesterday.

Senator Pamela Wallin is expected to throw a little mud today and she was also appointed by Harper.


This has been developing for many months now and if interested you can read some of it here


Then there is the continuing corruption of the voting in the last election by the Conservative party.

Geez this party is making Canada look like a third world country.

record high deficits with them in power too.