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Canadian woodworker, speaks about Canada

I watch his video's to educate myself on woodworking techniques and I enjoy watching people do woodworking.

Today I saw his video was a commentary regarding the collapse of Canada's economic system.  It's interesting and not too long.  Just one business man discussing the failure's of the government in Canada as it tries to make everything free.


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Re: Canadian woodworker, speaks about Canada

Does anyone know what kind of dust collector he has? I want to get one for my garage.

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Re: Canadian woodworker, speaks about Canada

Not sure where he lives, Canada is a big place but if he thinks people came here as a 'camp' and then went back someplace he missed the part of history where many came to escape the rebels south of our border and those who came to escape slavery south of our border 

We still have many who come to escape persecution at their original home land.


As for debt he did not mention our debt to GDP is lower than the US

heading for a recession, a safe claim to make as recessions come regularly and we have not had one for a few years so next one is likely very close.

Did I miss things in his rant? Probably will maybe listen again and see what else he said.