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bruce MN

Re: Canary in the Coalmine.

Curiously, I agree with much of what you say.  It’s a classically conservative State.  And, more than anything, an immensely productive revenue (private and public) state in consideration of it’s relatively modest population. Inspiring a butt load of exceptional moderate politicians from both sides ove time .. respecting and upholding those blessed factors. Some mistake them for traditions, of course.


What is happening now, however, to the MN GOP with first the religious right and now, in concert with them the Trump fascinados is that the old conservatives have either stepped aside or been pushed away by extreme rightest activists in hundreds of precincts and dozens of county GOP units.  


What just worked in your 23B, while successful, was an example of how that plays out. But what that campaign cost and required won’t fly with any more scale than one on one firing up of a targeted bunch of scared old people out in Townships up against no urban buffer.