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Even golf is distancing itself from your dear leader.

Trump National in Bedminster has been stripped of the US PGA Championship in 2022 as its organisers felt using the course as host would be "detrimental".

The PGA of America voted to terminate the agreement on Sunday.

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Re: Cancelled

I'm hearing that freedom is cancelled in Canada.

Senior Advisor

Re: Cancelled

Actually ranks well above the US on the Freedom Index.

As do several other countries.

And it isn't because the township made you take the Volare' down off the blocks in your front yard.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Cancelled

Trump and his family, and his cult, are going to find they are shunned by the world.   And the more acts like last Wednesday they commit, the longer the shunning will last. 

Republicans have dug a hole so deep with their lies, that it is hard to see how they are going to climb back out - until you see “good Republican types” like BA, suddenly backpedaling and saying it was because they didn’t have all the video of their alleged “steal the vote” lies.    Everything Republicans ran on this election cycle, we’re lies.   Just like the “Democrats are going to get rid of the police force” lies.   The seats they won - were primarily because of that BS campaign blitz - and the lies and fear mongering associated with it.

America knows.   And it will be a long, long time, before they vote Republican again.


Senior Advisor

Re: Cancelled

Yeah, but.

I'd reckon that the portion of folks whose minds are entirely controlled by The Cult is around 15%- about a third of Republicans plus an even higher proportion of right wing independents.

40M people can wreck a country.