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Re: I'm glad we agree, too bad Bart doesn't.....

OK, so what you are saying, is that you'd rather have the government subsidize a luxury car (designed for the rich), than use that money towards helping disaster victims.  I guess that's your opinion, and you're entitled to it.


Although that particular electric car (the one that Reid wants the subsidy for) is ALREADY developed, and is available for sale, as it was unveiled in 2009.


And I guess without this subsidized car, the rich would be forced to drive a Prius like us peons.  That is unless they wanted something like the Tesla


Or maybe a Rolls-Royce


Or even just a Caddilac:



Of course, it couldn't be just political payback, could it?

-excerpt from a speech Biden gave, defending his position on this subsidy to the UAW-


Castle, Markell, and Sen. Tom Carper (D., Del.), among others, got to speak, but the day’s big talker was Vice President Biden, son of a prosperous Delaware car dealer. Biden told the crowd he was once turned down for a college summer job at Boxwood and has spent hours of his life since then haunting the plant gate looking for votes.

“I wouldn’t be the vice president of the United States of America without you, because I never would have been a senator,” Biden said, to shouts of “Joe! Joe!” and “Wil-ming-TON!”

“When I was a 28-year-old kid running for the Senate, the first outfit to endorse me was the UAW. So I owe you.”


Also, what is your opinion on the fact that the money to aid storm victims has been taken from a subsidy for a luxury car maker, and politicians are saying that the money will be coming from critical programs LIKE MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY?  (my ephasis added).  Seems like more politics of the same.

Veteran Advisor

Re: The rest of the story.....

There was no lie.  I heard him say we will find the money to help you by making spending cuts.  Tell what you think the white lie was!



"In the summer of 2004, after Tropical Storm Gaston slammed into Richmond, Cantor was on the front lines of efforts to secure millions of dollars in federal assistance to clean the wreckage and repair damaged infrastructure. Although the funding was not offset, Cantor cheered its arrival."

Veteran Advisor

Re: Cantor all heart when it comes to disasters.

As usual, you only talk about what you want and not what the post actually said.  It has nothing to do with whether there is enough money or not.  It was about the fact that when his district was hit hard by a hurricane he requested the federal govt to send in millions of dollars in aid for his district and the subject of spending cuts to provide was not mentioned.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Cantor all heart when it comes to disasters.

Then it's a good thing someone called him on it.


I think that it is a good idea to have cuts that offset new spending, especially when the government borrows 40 cents for every dollar they spend. 

Too bad there aren't enough Congressmen that do what they say, not just when it's convenient.


On the bright side, at least he is looking towards finding SOMETHING that can be cut.


Most of what I was replying to, I was replying to a tangent, not the original message.  Above is my response to the original post.