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Senior Advisor

Re: Canuck, what should we do?

Would you agree it is the taliban that is the problem, not the US? Because if we are the problem we should leave immediately. Otherwise it will end up like Somalia.


We are not talking about history, we are talking about flood relief. If our soldiers are going to risk their lives providing relief, and are being threatened by the taliban, then they need to rid the region of taliban as soon as possible so the relief efforts can be carried out as quickly as possible.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Canuck, what should we do?

'History' is involved in everything going on in the world.

Not recognizing that leads to all sorts of mistakes which create more 'history' to work through in the future.

Why are your soldiers involved in this? The threat was against aid workers.

Military may have the resources to assist but it is not going to leave a good impression on the locals if foreign troops are 'marching' around in their neighbourhood.