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What's the go with the sudden rise in Canola prices over there? We are getting reports of adverse weather conditions contributing to this.  Tell me more .

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Re: Canuck

Presume you are talking about grain prices.

Problems are in the Canadian Prairie provinces especially Saskatchewan.

Too much rain! Stopped seeding and drowning some already seeded.

Here are a couple of stories about it that give a few details

"The excess rain has washed away the hope of seeding for many farmers," said Bruce Burnett, CWB director of weather and market analysis, at the annual CWB grain industry briefing this morning. "In many cases, these acres are just lost and will not see any crop."

In total, between 8.25 million and 12.5 million acres of farmland will go unseeded across the Prairies. The CWB is projecting the western Canadian seeded area for all wheat at 19.15 million acres, the smallest area since 1971 and an 18 per cent reduction from 2009-10. The area seeded to durum is expected to be 3.4 million acres, the smallest area since 1980 and down 39 per cent from 2009-10. The barley crop is looking at its lowest acreage since 1965. About 6.6 million acres of barley will be seeded, down 20 per cent from last year.

"Many areas got off to an early seeding start, but the extraordinary rains halted progress. Significant amounts of farmland remain unseedable at this late date," Burnett said. "On the other hand, some previously dry regions where planting took place early have benefitted from the rains." /061110.jsp


And more here



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Re:more rain

And here is another story about the rain in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Highway closed, rivers rising

The flooding has also closed the Trans-Canada Highway for several kilometres on both sides of the Alberta-Saskatchewan boundary, forcing motorists to take a 200-kilometre detour.

The evacuation centre at the Medicine Hat Arena. The evacuation centre at the Medicine Hat Arena. (Brian Labby/CBC)Additional updates were expected Saturday. Travellers were being advised to check the Alberta Motor Association's website for the latest conditions.

Meanwhile, a high-water warning was issued Friday for the Bow and Elbow rivers in Calgary.

Officials said water levels in the rivers were expected to climb because of runoff from melting snow in the Rocky Mountains, combined with the heavy rains.

Read more:
Gaping hole in the highway Last Updated: Saturday, June 19, 2010 | 4:24 PM CST Comments143Recommend122 CBC News

A large hole has formed along the flooded portion of the Trans-Canada Highway in Saskatchewan. A large hole has formed along the flooded portion of the Trans-Canada Highway in Saskatchewan. (Submitted to CBC)The Trans-Canada Highway at the boundary between Alberta and Saskatchewan remained closed Saturday morning because of flooding, authorities said.

About five kilometres of the highway were flooded because of heavy rain earlier in the week. Detours were set up Friday and remain in place.

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Re: Canuck

Weather report for southern Alberta is calling for more rain 30mm today, June 21.


Remember this area is usually semi arid so a 'normal' rainfall for us is a lot for them.