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In conversation with our Royal Marine guide at Pointe du Hoc, I brought up the Dieppe raid, which had some similarities as far as terrain goes.


He said that basically in the eyes of the British command it was worth the price for what they learned, and anywy it was just a bunch of Canadians.


Actually he was extremely complementary of the Canada in the matter. Since they were 100% volunteers (no draft until '44) and highly motivated- an excellent choice for a suicide mission.


I asked the Canadians if there is much historical resentment and they said they thought not. Not like NZ and AUS where they still have a chip on their shoulders over Gallipoli, 100 years on. But a little different context insofar as everybody felt like they'd finally won a complete victory in 1945 as compared to 1918 when all were just exhausted and cynical.






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Re: Canuck

I just glanced at your link and then thought I would post my thoughts before I read that and allowed it to infuence me.

We always were led to believe and I can not think of anyone that argued it that Dieppe was a mistake and especially costly for Canadians but needed to be carried out to assist Russia by putting pressure on Germany on the western front.

My history lessons about it included all the things that went wrong and the assumptions that were wrong and how that helped with future landings especially D-Day.

So I guess I would agree with your contacts that there does not seem to be any resentment about it here, just a costly learning lesson but those planning future missions did use the mistakes from Dieppe to change things to the Allies advantage later.

1 thing that was learned was the importance of secrecy which was non exisitant at Dieppe where the raid was expected after several delays.

another thing was the lesson NOT to attack a fortified harbour position but rather make your own harbour.


BTW I do not think it is or was considered a suicide mission but it was only supposed to be a raid not a full out invasion. A large scale raid as compared to smaller raids which had been undertaken elsewhere.

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Re: Canuck

Read your link.

Had forgotten about the British plan to grab a German Enigma machine to help them break the codes.


A lot of mistakes were made and a lot of men died it is only hoped that, as it has been said, the deaths there reduced the deaths at Normandy.


I also had forgotten about the stupidity of people allowing the Germans to get plans and communications like the plan to shackle prisoners which led to the shackling of Allied prisoners for months after.