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Capitalists for Corbyn

Might be even more a propo for Liz Warren, who's way past old Jeremy's league.

"But there’s something else. Successful capitalism requires not just growth but also legitimacy. It’s not accident that, from the late 19th century onwards, almost all capitalist states developed degrees of redistributive taxation and welfare states. These were necessary to buy off public discontent. Something similar might be needed today. High inequality, crumbling public services and the inflicting of uncertainty and harassment upon millions of residents risk undermining public support for the existing order. In tackling these, Labour will help shore up the legitimacy of some sort of capitalist system.

From this perspective, a Labour government offers capitalists a form of inoculation: a small illness to prevent a worse one."

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Senior Advisor

and from the left

Smart leftists understand that Warren isn't a leftist- she wants to save capitalism from itself as the Roosevelts did.

Not entirely snark to say I'm not sure I can find any smart rightists at the moment. Some turned out neocons and neoliberals, and Trumpists.