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Captain Bligh gets the sack.

This one is for you Mollie.  A few days ago you posted how Obama was to blame for a Naval Captain, ironically named "Captain Honor" getting the sack.  Well I remind you how you always "post the facts" and give you one more instance of how you are usually economical with the truth.  It appears the old slug made of video using extremely derogative suggestions regarding gays.  It would do you good to read and see exactly what was videoed knowing what a little innocent cheese cake you.  How you could blame Obama for such retaliatry action for the Military is beyond.  The explicit pictures even alarmed the actress Glenn Close, who had previously visited the boat, who was spliced into the video.  What you should be asking is why it took nearly 4 years for this to come to light after it had been seen half the world before the Navy did anything.  As you say "come on repigs, defend this one."


Lets see if you have the guts or decency to acknowledge this post.  I know you are on line, right now.

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Re: Captain Bligh gets the sack.

I admit to not seeing the video but have to wonder why the Navy never acted on this until it became a front page news story if it was such a terrible thing.  I see the captain's crewseems to be supporting him.  I just think that sailors don't have to be treated like little kids and can take the same salty joking that kids can see every night on HBO or Comedy Central.  From what I have gathered the captian poked fun of several subjects and people. 

Re: Captain Bligh gets the sack.

Spot on Dag. It is a shame Mollie has so many juvenile traits.