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Caucus winners from the past


Not very good odds of winning the election based on your Iowa caucus winning.

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Re: Caucus winners from the past

I would contend that in `08 Iowa picked Huckabee, the nation picked McCain but Mccain lost.  In the past Harkin, Gephart and Mondull were picked but they were "home boys".  Iowa is a weeding out process, in the case of 0bama the Dems did not do their due diligence, if Hilary were in right now instead of this hard left socialism experiment that you guys have saddled us with...The Republicans might be in trouble, that is what was told to me by rock ribbed Dems and it makes sense.

Senior Contributor

Re: Caucus winners from the past

Don, they talked about this on the news here in Iowa recently and compared Iowa's caucus winners to those who won in New Hampshire.   I believe they looked back at the last 6 presidential elections and found that Iowa and New Hamspire were tied with both having twice picked the eventual POTUS winner.   The Iowa reporter joked though that Iowa was better since our two winners were more recent then New Hampshires two winners.