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Re: Ha. Sort of fun

@bruce MN wrote:


We are well versed in what you “think” off the top of your head.

As a number here have pointed out, both sides of numerous arguments…..

And, of course, good to see that you’ve got dweedles back, whatever it is that might have leaked out of his *****. 

What are talking about having my back ...get a grip geezer 

Where is Mace from oh yeah thats right SC

She is another one that rides in on a  Maga agenda and quickly wants to be like in the MSM so goes full squish 

Leotard Lindsay is the one that pushed the 15 week abortion ban constantly another SC loser 

The court returned it to the states , Bruce just has a hard time for anyone not falling in line with his group think mentality, good stuff limpdic.

Re: Chamath expresses support for Nikki Haley

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Re: Chamath expresses support for Nikki Haley

In a party of opportunistic phonies, Nikki still stands out.