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Che denounced by Bono

Pigs Are Flying—A Famous Rock Star Denounces Che Guevara! (

are you commies going to burn your U2 CDs in protest?

Good move by the Irishman.

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Re: Che denounced by Bono

Bad guy.

But since we’re here in The Land of Yeahbuhwhatabout, I’ve never seen anyone apologizing for brutality and oppression by the Batista or Somoza governments.

You are a danged Google celebrity man

Your post really piqued my curiosity so I Googled up Che Guevara Bono and started scrolling down.  There was a link to your USSA site at the bottom of the first page and then nothing else, nada, until I got to page 5 and sure as ***** there near the top was a link to this post here of yours from  

I checked out the USSA site and found a great place to buy overpriced gold, silver and platinum.  I didn’t hang around there long and look at much but to it’s credit I didn’t see any ads for supplements, oils, powders or cooper bling. 

The author of your article obviously didn’t watch new conservative hero Dave Chappel last night advising on where to and how to use certain words.

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Re: You are a danged Google celebrity man

Bruce, get a life pal.


Re: You are a danged Google celebrity man

Something huge just happened in my big 2nd chance life.

Something that I’d essentially given up on seeing happen.

I intend to roll with it.