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Chickens coming home to roost...Jeremiah Wright and the Riots

Liberals own the riots and their legacy of racism. Just like with Russia, Russia, Russia.....the liberals point their fingers and three fingers point back directly at themselves.

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Re: Chickens coming home to roost...Jeremiah Wright and the Riots

Yep the progs own it and are the ones doing the burning. It's July 4th, is Montebello safe from democrats today?  Kunstler has a particularly poignant essay this week.


The BLM hustle has turned into a violent insurrection supported by a body of bad ideas geared to driving the nation insane. The action on-the-ground is like the Jacobin phase of the French Revolution seasoned with the murderous derangement of Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. As biologist Bret Weinstein said in his podcast last week with linguistics prof John McWhorter: “If you attempt a Maoist takeover of the US, you’ll get a civil war.”

What we’re seeing in the looting and burning, the “canceling” of careers and lives, the toppling of statues and the attempt to rewrite history, the pathetic obeisance of political leaders to raging mobs, and the lives lost in senseless acts of violence is the unfinished business of the civil rights movement. That business was the full participation of Black citizens in American life. The main grievance now is that Black Americans are still denied full participation due to “systemic racism.” That’s a dodge. What actually happened is that Black America opted out and lost itself in a quandary of its own making with the assistance of their white dis-enablers, the well-intentioned “progressives.”


Re: Chickens coming home to roost...Jeremiah Wright and the Riots

75 percent of Blacks are born outside of wedlock, Black men are incarcerated at rates of four to five times that of white men, Black wealth is one tenth of that of white wealth per family, but guess what?

Virtually everyone of these is based on personal choices. People make the choice to enter into marital unions or not, people choose to break the laws of the land, or not, and their are paths to advancement in America for almost anyone that chooses to take that path.

If you are reasonably healthy with a clean driving record, you can pursue employment as an OTR semi driver and approach a six figure yearly income. Railroad jobs are that, and more. If you have the right brain, you can sort mail or even guide planes to landings and make decent money...maybe even buy a farm, right? Extra pigmentation is not a disqualifier for any of fact, you see a lot of smart dark skinned US Citizens pursuing these paths to economic success, and these are people that should be applauded and looked up to, not the looters, rioters, and general malcontents.