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Senior Advisor

Re: Child Separation from Parent, SAD

I'm sorry, but I can't decide if you people are just
Plain nuts, or just out of touch with reality.

First...your going to shoot you really
Think about what you post ??

May I direct you to an interview by the head of the
Border control agents union.
He said that most of the people are polite, are
Not law breakers, but want to make a better
Life for themselves...only 20% have a record.
This is far different than what trump or YOU
keep saying, so YOU are fake news.

And someone says they hate immerigrant..are you
An American Indian ?...if not, I hate to tell you,
But the very thing you hate so bad, is what you
Are !!
Amazing, America is really one big melting
Pot, immerigrant from all over....yet they say
No, we are americans...and that is what America
Is made up of !!!!

Now...if you claim ""those people"" are so bad for
The country.

The ""American"" birth rate is down to 0.6 which
Means .6 kids per couple. This is very bad
News for the economy. This rate will cause
The economy to implode. Not enough people
To do the work, purchase items, and fund gov
We NEED these people...but you are not smart
Enough to understand this concept.

I know your type...we have them here. You are
In the coffee shop and pool hall, and the only
Thing you do is bitch about everything...but will
You do anything to help the local community..
Volunteer to do things ??? No..I'm too busy
Belly aching, plus why would I help anyone,
Nobody helps me. !!!
If you go to church, do you just go, or do you
Help out with projects, programs, and things
That need to be done ?

Didn't think so.

Just keep hating people...some day you'll learn
When it's too late...when your entrys of ""the
Book of Life"" is reviewed.
Senior Advisor

Re: Child Separation from Parent, SAD

Does immigration law matter or not? If they come across by the 10s of 1,000s where do they stay?

Honored Advisor

Re: Child Separation from Parent, SAD

el cheapo will take them in on his farm.   Just like Motel 6.  He'll leave the light on for them.   Smiley Wink

Senior Contributor

Re: Child Separation from Parent, SAD

I only use the mobile version and post in the text field. There is a difference between building a wall to keep others out and keeping the citizens in. For all his hype about the wall do you know what was missing? Not once ever during his campaign or since has he ever explained why Mexico SHOULD pay for the wall. It wasn’t necessary to get his audience of camouflage and snap button shirts chanting
Senior Advisor

Re: Child Separation from Parent, SAD

just like the clown in a previous discussion that says he does work a second job to help pay for the less fortunate.....and the tax he pays on that paycheck is what he views as helping out.


And the really sad part is that he doesn't even see why he is a joke.