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Senior Advisor

China is different than Russia

in that their interests aren't served by open provocation and intervention in US affairs.

But their interests are served by the collapse of US Democracy. The only thing that can curb their ambitions- both economic and geopolitical, is a fairly unified world order with the US at the center. Reality TV stunts won't help, and MAGAs are too big a cowards to actually do anything.

Fake dissident outfits like Falun Gong (Epoch Times) and Bannon* buddy Guo Wengui are engaged in the dissemination and magnification of misinformation that harms civil society in the US.

*a nihilistic grifter who happily grifted MAGAworld for $Ms. Reminds me of Branch Davidians happily submitting to David Koresh "annulling" their marriages so he could sleep with their wives.