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Chris Hedges interview


Takes almost 3 hours but I'd highly recommend.  Skewers both sides of the political spectrum and the state of the empire in general.


Sort of a reminder to me, all I really know is that virtually all my peeps who I encounter are utterly insane in terms of their worldview. All I'm doing is struggling daily to not be but reaction agasint the craziest folks doesn't necessarily get you there.

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Re: Better link

The ten commandments are a Hebraic, legalistic concept.


Let's put the beatitudes up in courtrooms. I'm all for that.

Re: Chris Hedges interview

They've been running a long hedges presentatoin on LINK and FSTV teh past few weeks.  Well worth watching.


BA says that Lil' Ammie "furrowed his brow".  He probably doesn't want to hear what Hedges hast to say.  The title is horrifying enough.

Re: Chris Hedges interview

I think this is some extraordinary stuff.


As a former seminarian and post traditional christian, he makes some sense to me. I'm pretty well convinced that the contemporary American experience has us all far separated from what the creator mades us to be.  The fact that most of the contemporary church has yielded to the temptation to tell us that it isn't so notwithstanding.


Like I said, I think the majority of people I encounter are nuts but it only through that observation that I realize I'm not so well either. That is the nature of human self centeredness, I suppose.

I had a dream

maybe prophetic, maybe bad pizza.


I was sitting in the auditorium of a mega-church. The slick professional band was playing, the cute bighaired blonde singer was crooning out the contemporary christian song. All there bigger than life on the jumbotron.


The music ended and the tall handsome pastor strode to the pulpit. The jumbotron camera moved in close on him and he commenced to unleash fire and brimstone about how the beast is among us and he is us.


Then I looked around and there were 5000 empty seats. I was the only one there.


Like I said, maybe bad pizza.

Senior Advisor

Re: I had a dream

I used to have more entertaining dreams myself!

Re: Chris Hedges interview

I think Hedges states it simply and clearly. "The people who power attracts are either mediocre like Obama or venal like Bush."