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Chris Hedges sues Obama on detention bill

This is a legitimate area for opponents to attack Obama. However, doing so leaves you with only one alternative candidate to support.

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Re: Chris Hedges sues Obama on detention bill

I'm still surprised that this was passed by Congress and signed into law by Obama and especially during an election year.

Re: Chris Hedges sues Obama on detention bill

"The oddest part of this legislation is that the FBI, the CIA, the director of national intelligence, the Pentagon and the attorney general didn’t support it. FBI Director Robert Mueller said he feared the bill would actually impede the bureau’s ability to investigate terrorism because it would be harder to win cooperation from suspects held by the military. “The possibility looms that we will lose opportunities to obtain cooperation from the persons in the past that we’ve been fairly successful in gaining,” he told Congress.

But it passed anyway. And I suspect it passed because the corporations, seeing the unrest in the streets, knowing that things are about to get much worse, worrying that the Occupy movement will expand, do not trust the police to protect them. They want to be able to call in the Army. And now they can."


Re: Chris Hedges sues Obama on detention bill

"I suspect" is a rather timid description of how firmly you most likely actually do believe that nox.


It is in effect the only possible explaination.