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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Chuck Norris` dire warning for America   This election will be the Biblical `separation of the wheat from the tares`.   I do have news for Chuck though, America`s best years are behind it, even if Romney stops the bleeding we`ll still have to fight liberals in 2016..then 2020 ..2024 evenually the libs will get in again and America doesn`t have another 4 years to give.  At some point we will have hell to pay.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Chuck Norris` dire warning for America

Oh dear, oh dear! What are we going to do? Whoo is me! Good grief, BA, why is it, I'm not worried, only if the nittwit Romney is elected?? LOL!! Who the he!! is Chuch Norris? HAHA! The RNC convention was pitiful, if not pathetic! Check out Jon Stewart, this will set it all straight! LOL!!