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Climate science

There is a growing consensus man made global warming is a hoax. So what do the book burning progressive do? They want to persecute those whom disagree.



The latest government crackdown on climate dissent, exemplified by last week’s subpoena of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, comes amid a surge of scientific research that pokes holes in the catastrophic climate change consensus.

Even as Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude E. Walker demanded the free market think tank’s climate research and communications, a rising tide of evidence has challenged the narrative that increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are driving floods, drought and other disasters.


As of March 27, researchers had published 133 “consensus-skeptical” papers this year, bringing to 660 the number of such studies appearing since January 2014, blogger Kenneth Richard wrote on the skeptics website NoTricksZone.

“There has been quite an uptick in papers that question the consensus this year,” said Anthony Watts, who runs the influential WattsUpWithThat? website.

Studies published on his website and others include in the past few weeks include those that say:

• An exhaustive study published April 7 in Nature by University of Stockholm researchers examining hydrological patterns going back 1,200 years found that climate models cannot accurately predict extreme rainfall and drought.

• An article published April 4 in Nature Geoscience linked the melting of the Greenland ice sheets to hot spot activity within the Earth’s core, a finding that “must be included in studies of the future response to climate change,” said lead author Irina Rogozhina, a scientist at the Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen in Germany.

• A March 21 paper by meteorologist Martin Hertzberg and chemist Hans Schreuder, evaluating figures behind the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “consensus,” concluded that “nothing in the data supports the supposition that atmospheric CO2 is a driver of weather or climate.”

“As the body of evidence refuting climate alarmism continues to balloon, the question of how the IPCC can continue ignoring it becomes ever more glaring,” said engineer Pierre L. Gosselin, who runs the NoTricksZone website and translates climate news from German to English.


In spite of that research — or maybe because of it — Democrats have renewed their efforts to clamp down on climate dissent.

Two weeks ago, 17 attorneys general — 16 Democrats and Mr. Walker, an independent — announced that they would investigate and prosecute climate-related “fraud,” citing investigations by journalism outlets accusing Exxon Mobil Corp. of stifling its own scientific research in support of the “settled science.”

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Re: Climate science

Of course the initial assertion is false, whatever the further facts might be.


Here's a piece from the gubmint, although those guys did fake the moon landing....



Senior Contributor

Re: Climate science

Here's how it works to get a consensus, You (the government over run by liberal entrenched Democrats) threaten any business with fines and regulations that doesn't profess belief in "climate change." That same government gives tax dollars to "researchers" proving what the government (read Democrats) wants. If you are a "researcher" working on climate studies (de facto government employee) and you want to keep your job you will find what they want, even to the extent of fabricating, cherry picking and ignoring contrary evidence. The government (bureaucrats, Democrats) want more tax dollars and the Democrats/socialist/communists want to destroy capitalism along with the American dream. They want 2 classes, poor and ruling.
Senior Advisor

Re: Climate science

If you like your policy you can keep your policy. Period. Politicians have never been known to lie to get what they want.