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Clinton by 5

is my call. The secret voters are women who can't admit it in their households and hispanics.


As far as the post mortem goes, simpler is better and this is the Occam's Razor take on what just happened.


Journalists and pundits have to write something so they've been mostly knocked themselves out trying to be symapthetic and understand those Trump supporters. But by and large, people will put up with a lot if they're properly conditioned. What happened here was the obvious- the GOP has been "energizing" the base for a few decades and a guy came along and said it all out loud.


End of story.


My guess is that it won't be close enough for there to be any legitimate recount issues. Even if Rump tries to question the result there will need to be a shred of legitimacy to the claim. What a few Darwin Award candidates might do is immaterial to the larger question.


BTW, I'm hard pressed to recognize what benefits The Folk have received for doing the bidding of the nice people who have spent $billions to energize them.

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Re: Clinton by 5

Yes - agreed. They showed a husband and wife in line in CO this morning - husband was carrying a Sniffy shift, saying he and his wife were voting for the Sniffer....maybe they both are, maybe not....

Tick Tock....